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One of the most popular beachfront districts in Israel is Herzliya Pituach. It has almost 10,000 residents, and is an excellent place to invest money in real estate. As an investor from abroad, spending money in real estate deals may be complicated, which is why you should work with a reliable real estate agency such as Israel Habitat Real Estate that offers the best real estate in herzliya israel.

If you are thinking of checking out Herzliya Pituach apartments for sale, it’s highly recommended that you work with a professional real estate agent to accompany you through the process of buying Herzliya Pituach real estate for sale. Israel Habitat Real Estate will guide you right from the moment you express interest in buying property like a condo, apartment or a house until the time your purchase is completed and the legal title to the property is transferred over to you.

Buying Herzliya Pituach and Herzliya marina real estate

The area is well known for its luxury hotels, restaurants, and a booming high-tech industry. The marina was built in the 1980s and covers over 123 square acres. There is a sprawling shopping mall as well as a number of impressive restaurants that overlook the waterfront and a number of parks here as well. All of those advantages turnes herzliya marina real estate in general and herzliya pituach apartments for sale in particular so attractive.

A variety of condos and apartments for sale

If you are interested in checking out the different Herzliya Marina apartments or Herzliya Pituach apartments for sale you should contact Israel Habitat Real Estate – the best in Marina and herzliya pituach real estate for sale and rentals. So if you are looking for real estate in herzliya pituach and Marina like Herzliya Marina apartments or Herzliya Pituach apartments contact us by telephone or e-mail. Contact us to get all the information that you need about Herzliya apartments for sale or available properties before making a decision about whether to buy one of the magnificent Herzliya apartments for sale.

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