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israel Habitat’s Groupon solution is about to change your life the way you knew it, or at least will offer you some great opportunities to buy some real estate for excellent prices.

The deals we offer to our Groupon’s members are the cheapest deals in the Israeli market, they are specially intended for Investors and also for the ones of you that wants to enjoy a good deal and make a quick added value for your money.   achat groupé - achats groupés

The idea is quite simple, it’s based on a buying force that can have a group of persons. When a group is united to buy a product or a service, the seller can make a bigger effort on the price as he will earn time and save money on marketing actions and employees.

We reach directly for constructors with good reputation and a rich history of construction. We offer them to buy a big amount of apartments and for that we demand a reduction between 15% and 25% from the market price, depending on the project’s location and the terms. Our offers are usually on projects that has not started yet, sometimes the projects can be under construction, but never finished.

We can sell the properties you bought to make a quick value for your money or put it for rental. No matter what you decide the return for your money will be very high compared to the market.

It’s important for us to you to know, that our first concern is to protect our clients and their money, in each deal we make sure that you are 100% safe. If you do not have an Israeli lawyer that speaks your language we will be happy to present you one.

If you want to be a member of ISRAEL HABITAT GROUPON, please fill up the form and we will notify you of every GROUPON’S deal that will be available.

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