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Service + , your exclusive property management

At the dawn of this new year 5775, Habitat offers its rental management service that will suit your needs.


2 different deals are available:

free rental

with short rental / long term


No rental:

You own a property and do not want to rent it?


We relieve you of any concerns with general management and

everyday of your property

We will monitor and will pay the various expenses related to your property and will provide you with additional services

(Please note: the insurance contract, monthly monitoring of the condition of the home, contact with repair companies / cleaning / pool maintenance). A monthly report will be sent every month.

In addition, upon arrival, we will do everything to make your stay in your home. We prepare your property before you arrive and offer exceptional services during your stay.


Rent Seasonal / Long Term Rental: Customer Satisfaction

Our agency Israel Habitat offers you

  • find customers by email.
  • State of play
  • Accommodate tenants.
  • Support of their demands during their stay
  • Cleaning before the arrival of each tenant
  • Recovery of rent
  • Settling the charges of the apartment


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